Heshan Dissanayeke

Pastor Heshan

Heshan Dissanayeke

Lead Pastor - One Church
National Director - VOICE Youth Revival

Pastor Heshan Dissanayeke is an anointed and dynamic leader who is known for championing the now and next generation. With over 15 years in leadership and pastoral ministry, Heshan has a unique ability to humbly share his faith and love for God through his own experiences and revelation, in a way that resonates with people of all cultures, colours and creeds. He is driven to see generations caught up in revival and carries a distinct mantle to see them marked for God. Through a groundbreaking movement and multiple conferences, Heshan has walked in-step with God to impact thousands of youth and young adults, across the island of Sri Lanka by leading VOICE Youth Revival.

A bold new season begins as Pastor Heshan now steps out in faith in response to the voice of God and to realize a genuine desire to build the Kingdom of God through the pioneering of a brand new local and generational church - One Church. Going beyond barriers in culture, age and race, One church is all about creating a new culture that is kingdom-focused, inclusive and impacts everyone who comes into contact with it. A church where everyone from this and the generations to come are able to come together as ONE!

Pastor Heshan's vision for One Church is that its own community grows as a lighthouse in the city and becomes an apostolic house to many other churches, pastors, leaders and the entire body of Christ while equipping and uniting the saints in the faith and the fullness of God.

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Pastor Heshan Dissanayeke is a dynamic and anointed leader who passionately advocates for the current and future generations. With over 15 years of experience in leadership and pastoral ministry, Heshan has a remarkable ability to share his faith and love for God in a humble and relatable way, transcending cultural, racial, and generational boundaries. He desires to see a revival among the youth and carries a unique calling to see them transformed by God. Through the influential VOICE Youth Revival movement, Heshan has impacted thousands of young people in Sri Lanka through a groundbreaking movement and multiple conferences. Now, he steps out in faith to pioneer a new church called One Church, which aims to break down barriers and create a kingdom-focused and inclusive culture. His vision is for One Church to grow as a lighthouse in the city, serving as an apostolic house and equipping believers to experience the fullness of God.

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